About us

With over US$ 3 billion in shipped goods, Pluscargo can provide the best experience to meet your needs in international logistics.

We offer a number of integrated international logistics services that include storage, distribution, consolidation, cargo insurance, collections, deliveries among other tailored solutions to ensure excellence in import and export services.

As a complete logistics service provider with more than 20 years of history, we know how to develop the best work processes in the complex panorama of the sector, providing tranquility to our customers.

We recognize the role of our customers in the international economy and in the lives of millions of people around the world.

Our team is prepared to understand and anticipate the scenarios of global change, ensuring that your company has the necessary information to increase competitiveness and reduce operating costs.

Ras Group

Pluscargo is a part of Ras Group,

an Uruguayan logistics conglomerate created in 1991 with the purpose of offering logistics solutions for the most varied phases of the international trade operations.

Pioneer in the administration of distribution logistic systems in international trade, and owner of the largest covered private port warehouse of Montevideo port and of South America, the group has more than 1 thousand employees worldwide, in more than 50 offices of its own distributed throughout nine countries of Latin America.

Grupo Ras is a logistics conglomerate, founded in Uruguay in 1991 and with the objective of offering logistical solutions for the most diverse phases of international logistic operations.

The group has more than 1000 employees worldwide, in more than 50 offices spread across 9 countries in Latin America.


Honest and professional work.
Growth and continuous improvement based on three pillars: loyalty, innovation and creativity.
Commitment to the success of our customers, providing special attention to their most specific needs.
We cultivate the individual objectives of our members in synergy with the global objectives of the organization.
Respect for the society and the environment.


To provide our customers with quality logistics solution, in order to increase their competitiveness, and satisfy them with professionalism through our integrated International Trade services.


To become a world class company recognized for the excellence of our services and our team. We aim to consolidate our position as market leaders in all the areas of international trade in which we operate.